Need a Speech Quickly ? Start with a Template.

When I was a Toastmasters club president, I seemed to be speaking every couple of days at some event or other, and I came up a few organizational shortcuts out of necessity, some of which I’m still using 12 years on.

One such idea is to develop a personal speech template that will get you started writing a speech without having to think about structure, and take you from first thoughts to getting up to speak in less time than it takes to be introduced!

I’m not kidding – I actually had to do that once in front of an audience. We had a guest evaluator, and the speaker for her to evaluate didn’t arrive. While the Toastmaster was introducing the meeting, I pulled out a template like the one below and started scribbling furiously about How to Make a Pizza.

Speech Template Mind Map

I don’t think the evaluator even noticed. She remarked that I hadn’t had to use my notes very much! Result!

In the picture, I’ve added some text to illustrate how I might use a mind map template to help me quickly write a speech. YOUR template can take any form you want. Use a list if you like, or an outline, or a small stack of business cards – use them like index cards but write really WEE! 🙂

Use whatever method floats your boat and will help you create and remember your speech after almost NO preparation time. Remember: because you haven’t prepared as well as you normally would, there’s a good chance you’ll need your notes as an aide-memoire. So write clearly or even better, just use pictures and keywords.

For me, it’s mind maps. I like them because – as you can see – you can start in the center, and add ideas as they come to you by working outwards, without ending up with arrows and squeezed-up scribbles you’ll never be able to see with a quick glance during delivery if you need to.

Be a true ninja and develop your own template. Then photocopy it and keep one in your wallet or purse for that day, and it will come, when you’re asked to speak in a hurry!

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About David

Dave Curley holds the Advanced Toastmaster (Silver) award from Toastmasters International, an outstanding environment in which to learn not only how to write a speech but how to deliver one with confidence. Dave now speaks regularly as essential part of his business as an identity management and IT security consultant. He operates globally but always has a return ticket to Glasgow, Scotland.

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  1. hey im in primary school yr6 this website is the best i loved it so much i told all my friends when it come to do a speech.
    this website has helped me so very much I got my speech done in 1 hour almost I think.
    So thank You for helping me do my speech.
    You’ll see me again when i have to do a speech again.
    But not to soon.

  2. thanks, but there are not enough examples of how
    although that template looks awesome
    im using this site to write a speech right now

  3. Reblogged this on Road to 66 and commented:
    This is a great method for developing a strategy for regular speaking engagements!

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